Screen printing is ideal for high volume print runs and simple designs.

By printing one ink at a time, screen printing produces solid ink colour as well as providing the option of printing specialist ink finishes, such as metallic and fluorescent colours. Screen printing additionally allows the flexibility to use a specific ink which is the most compatible to the material being used.

Screen Printed Labels

Screen printed labels are ideal for longer print runs and are designed to withstand exterior weather conditions.

Mark Resist Warning sc
Metal Label

Screen Printed
Metal Labels

Metal plates such as stainless steel or aluminium are screen printed and heat baked to increase longevity.

Screen Printed
Window Cling

Screen printing allows these window clings to have a solid ink colour and the option of specialist inks, such as metallic or fluorescent colours.

window label
A Circle Rigid Label

Screen Printed

Foamex is a lightweight, durable and versatile material. Screen printing on Foamex is precise and easily replicable for mass production.

Screen Printed

Correx boards are ideal for promotional signage and are extremely weather resistant.


Point Of Sale

Point of sale posters, display boards and lightweight foam boards are ideal for advertising current sale events.

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