Super Sign Anti-Graffiti

Protecting Your Signs from Graffiti and UV Ray

Graffiti is a perennial problem all around the UK, particularly in urban areas - either a single 'tag' suddenly appears on your signage, or if you're less lucky, a large multicoloured 'mural'. Of course, such vandalism with spray paint, permanent markers or other dyes can ruin a sign on which effort and money has been spent. So what can be done to prevent this unsightly, costly damage?

We have developed a unique and innovative two-pack system, designed to overcome this antisocial problem, and ensure the lasting good looks of your sign. An attractive high-gloss clearcoat is applied to the surface, which not only means it is easy to clean, but the UV protection helps guard against fading too. A special graffiti remover is supplied, which will make light work of any tags or murals.

Still not completely convinced? Well, we guarantee this system will protect your sign from 99% of the solvents used by vandals - including spray cans, paint and permanent markers. And as for the 1% that we can't protect? If your signage is protected by Super Sign, and you discover graffiti that cannot be removed, then we will provide you with a free replacement installation.