Sign Wayfinding Systems

Being a specialist company, we are experienced in the design of bespoke wayfinding sign systems for large buildings or complexes. With all such projects, a site survey will be carried out to evaluate your exact requirements, and a dedicated account manager will liaise with you throughout the design and manufacturing process.

Since every site is unique, so too is the signage solution, and as such we offer a huge number of options to ensure that your precise needs are met - and ensure employees and visitors alike are pointed in the right direction. With 13 different options by Signsystems™ on offer, taking into account the design permutations within them, the variety we can offer you is impressive:  


Displayhub is a stylish and versatile new sign system brought up to date with the latest digital technology, displayhub is an exiting, sophisticated range of freestanding and wall-mounted high definition (HD) digital designs.

Announce your message to the world using vibrant and crystal-clear images in wide-screen, giving you outstanding image quality, whatever the environment.

Using simple, yet powerful software, displayhub can be used for advertising, as a wayfinding aid, welcome board, info point and much more, delivering exceptional content in a head turning package.

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Paneltex Wing is a streamlined freestanding monolith design, perfect for making a bold and contemporary statement. Available as a double or single wing option, the latter can also be suspended from a ceiling, or projected from a wall. Its range of accessories include lighting, and the nose extrusion can be specified in a contrasting colour to the main body of the sign.

Fristem Outdoor

Fristem Outdoor is big. In fact, as one of the largest-scale sign systems on the market - up to a height of 5.3m - its impact is almost unrivalled. The freestanding silver anodised framework, which also comes in black or white,  can display rigid aluminium composite boards, banners, or a combination of both. This design's unique holding ring means that panels can be set at a variety of angles, enabling numerous different display configurations. Additionally, a wall-hung option and matching fingerposts are also available.


Alphacurve is a sleek, modern system, with silver anodised frames that accept paper or aluminium inserts. Alternatively, this design can have tactile or reverse-applied graphics attached to its anti-glare acrylic covers. Various different fixings are available in a variety of sizes, including door, wall, projecting, suspended and freestanding signs. Special colours and sizes are also available on request.


Artemis is ideal for those who need a truly flexible signage system. Thanks to its ability to accept inserts of the standard 'A' series paper sizes (from A6 to A1), you have the option to create and alter your own signage as required using your PC's print capability. The design can accommodate inserts made from paper, aluminium or plastic (the latter can feature reverse-applied graphics), or alternatively sport directory panels. The design is RNIB approved, and Braille inserts fit perfectly into the frame. Fixing options include door, wall, suspended, projecting and freestanding fittings, with end caps finished in your choice of colour. In addition to the standard range, special sizes and colours are available on request, in order to conform with your corporate branding requirements.


Cristallo subscribes to the philosophy that 'less is more'. Used to support a panel of either silicon acrylic or toughened glass, these minimalist satin-finish stainless steel designs feature concealed fixings in order to achieve their sleek look. There is a choice of five different wall fixings, along with suspended, desk, projecting bracket and directory rail options.


Paneltex is an innovative system that's suitable for both interior and exterior applications - enabling you to maintain consistency in the appearance of your signage. Robust and easy to assemble, this design is highly flexible, offering a variety of suspended, wall-mounted, pole-mounted and projecting options. Made from durable aluchrome-dipped and powder coated aluminium, the signs come in white as standard, although other colours are available.


Totem Ellipso is a contemporary-looking curved sign system suitable for both internal and external applications. This silver anodised design offers a cost-effective solution to a variety of signage needs - and as such is available in a huge range of sizes within the two sub-ranges - Mini and Maxi. Mini can be post-mounted, suspended or wall-fixed, while the Maxi is a post-mounted monolith with an impressive impact.


Deltacurve is a simple yet elegant lockable sign system that can be specified as either a wall-suspended or freestanding option. With a slim, curved profile, it is made from aluminium and it available in eight standard heights. It comes in silver as standard, although other colours available on request.


Arcline is a sleek-looking counter sign holder in silver anodised aluminium. It can either accept paper or acetate inserts, acrylic panels, or alternatively display permanent graphics, and is available in a wide variety of sizes - including A6, A5 and A4. In the future, this range will expand to include matching door and directory signs.


Fristem Indoor is just as flexible as its outdoor sibling, although on a more manageable scale for applications inside buildings. In a similar fashion, its holding ring enables panels to be held at a variety of angles, making for numerous configuration possibilities. This silver anodised system can carry banners, pin boards, and aluminium or magnetic panels, and a huge range of sizes and displays is available, including an elegant 'sailboard' design.


Showcase WSM is a modern-looking noticeboard solution, with options for both internal and external useage. A wide selection of designs, sizes and finishes are available, with accessories including lighting, poster holders and leaflet dispensers. Wall-mounted and post-mounted varieties can be specified, and the range includes models with magnetic back boards.


Hoff Display is a particularly elegant freestanding system, suitable for either temporary or permanent display. The holder accepts either 10mm toughened glass or another rigid substrate of the same thickness, and accessories such as poster fixings or leaflet dispensers are also available.


Linears is a simple, effective sign system with a minimalist look. The polished aluminium holder features concealed fixings for a sleek look, and they can be applied to doors and desks as well as being suspended from ceilings or projected from walls. Designed to accept acrylic panels, the holders are available in a variety of widths. Special colours and sizes are also available on request.

Whichever of these innovative designs you choose, you can be assured that your branding will be reproduced faithfully, and your corporate logo, colours and fonts will all be incorporated stylishly within the design.

First Signs’ products meet British Standard 8300 (which refers to the 2004 Disability Discrimination Act) and as such accessible signage features include embossed Braille, raised touch indicators, colour contrast characters, increased inter-character spacing, and large, raised text.

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