Valve Tags

Valve tags are necessary for valve identification. Our tags are produced to the highest standard and are hard wearing, resisting even the toughest of conditions. Available in materials & colours of your choosing. We have successfully completed numerous large contracts in London, providing thousands of valve tags at a time. For more information on valve tags, get in touch.

Traffolyte Valve Tags

Traffolyte is excellent for valve tags. It’s versatile, durable & cost effective. Traffolyte is formed from phenolic plastic sheets that are sandwiched together. We feature a mixture of distinctive colours to produce eye-catching valve tags. We engrave any size valve tag these measurements increase in 5mm increments.

Engraving 28
Plastic Valve Tags

Plastic Valve Tags

Plastic valve tags are similar to the traffolyte tags but are ideal for outdoor use. The weather-proof plastic coating enables your valve tags to stay readable when outside with the elements. Plastic valve tags are somewhat flexible compared to the extra rigid traffolyte, that adds to their durability providing shock resistance. 

Brass & Steel Valve Tags

Valve tags can also be made out of brass and stainless steel. Stainless steel provides excellent resistances to chemicals, oils, water & heat. 

Stainless Steel & Brass Engraved Valve Tags
Engraving 29

Custom Valve Tags

Blank valve tags can be custom built to your specifications. With custom sizes, numbers, materials & colours. Whatever your industrial engraving requires we can provide it. To begin your engraving get in touch with us and discuss your requirements.

Ball Chain Connectors

These very simple ball and chain connectors are manufactured to the highest standard. These chains can come in a variety of colours & sizes.

ball chain connector brass & steel

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