Custom Wallpaper

The design is your choice; we are able to print an image or graphics you require. Custom wallpaper can transform an office or workspace. There are a number of materials available including traditional wallpaper applied with a paste or even self-adhesive removable, repositionable wallpaper.

Digitally Printed
Custom Wall Murals

We print custom wallpaper featuring any graphics of your choice. Printing high quality interesting images can change the look of an entire office. The custom wallpaper can be applied using various methods highlighted above, if you don’t feel confident installing it yourself get in touch with us and we can send an installation team to fit the wallpaper.

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Custom Wallpaper

Repositionable wallpaper allows you to apply to a wall with a special adhesive that leaves no residue after removal. The latest in wallpaper technology, it holds like normal wallpaper but at any time you can remove the wallpaper and reposition it again and again. Easy application & no mess, get in touch to find out more.

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We manufacture custom signs & labels, to receive a quote or for more information please get in contact.