Flexi Face


They say that size matters, so when it comes to signage that will make an impact, think big. We can produce flexi-face signs, either single- or double-sided, up to a huge 45m long and 4.6m high without seams.

We don't just offer the more common rectangular frames - we can also provide the increasingly-popular circular and oval variations. And don’t feel restricted in your design choices either - flexi-face skins can be printed full colour, in addition to the simpler option of having vinyl lettering applied.

A full-perimeter concealed tensioning mechanism ensures a wrinkle-free face on this lightweight and cost-effective signage option, and access flaps at the side allow for easier maintenance if you choose the illuminated option for extra pizzazz. And if all that's not persuasive enough in itself, remember that flexi-face signs are not damaged by stones or other missiles that might be thrown by vandals.